Natalie’s Story

“I can’t pinpoint a specific moment in time that brought me here. I only know it was always meant to be.”


Natalie’s calling to be a part of the creative industries goes further back than she remembers. She took a weekend role at a film studio at 16 and made her way into Turner Broadcasting, working and living overseas. On her return to Sydney she found that full time roles in film and TV were scarce. Yet a strong connection with others made her want to keep creating their stories. Bringing their experiences to life. 


Natalie described the transition to experience agency life as perfectly intuitive. It was fast, exhilarating and packed with brilliant minds. She describes the people and the lasting client relationships she formed during that time as her fuel.


“I didn’t know it at the time, but traveling west was going home.” 


Natalie’s career path took her around the country and ultimately to Perth, where her heart now belongs. She says it took years for her to realise that she’d finally arrived at the place where she felt like the best version of herself. This would ultimately define the next chapter: the beginning of Mayler + Co.

“Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Through a rewarding agency career, Natalie had learned that process (or process complacency) can be the enemy of creativity. While ideas are disruptive, agency hierarchies remain the same. The risk of falling into “the way things have always been done” is real. Creating a new agency model that brought the best people for the job to the table every time; that started each challenge with fresh eyes, while simultaneously drawing on the wealth of experiences that came before; reverberated in Natalie’s thoughts.


“A global crisis forced me to look inside.”

It took a pandemic and the interruption it caused to the media industry to convince Natalie now was the time. Starting Mayler + Co set into motion a plan she already knew down to the last detail in her mind. 

The rest is history.

“Winning a landmark account in six months was an incredible feeling. It told me my decisions were sound”

The Mayler + Co model is founded on Natalie’s passion for connecting with people, knowing who to bring into the room for every conversation, and intuitively surfacing the X factor that people seek but don’t know how to ask for. 

And, it’s inspired by experience. Because every extraordinary moment is a culmination of the moments leading up to that point.